WSDC 2015

Team India at World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) 2015, Singapore


A completely new and otherwise inexperienced Team India won the first 6 debates in a row, going on to be the 15th best team overall and the 3rd best ESL team  in the world. They eventually lost out in the octofinals to Singapore, the team that went on to win the tournament undefeated. Art Ward also went on to adjudicate the semi-final.


  • Aniroodh Ravikumar: Aniroodh is currently studying Physics and Computer Science at Cornell University, and is among the 4 Indian students in the country to receive the prestigious Tata scholarship. He was part of the Indian team at WSDC 2015 that was adjudged the 3rd best ESL team in the world and the team at AWSDC 2016 that won the tournament.
  • Tejaswini Krishnaprasad: Tejaswini is pursuing a degree in law at Durham University in the UK. She was also a part of the Indian team at WSDC 2015 that was adjudged the 3rd best ESL team in the world and the team at AWSDC 2016 that won the tournament
  • Sudarshan Shrikanth: Sudarshan is pursuing law at Jindal Global Law School, Haryana, receiving the prestigious studentship after securing the All India rank of 93 in the LSAT examinations. He was a part of the Indian team at WSDC 2015 that was adjudged the 3rd best ESL team in the world.
  • Hemanth Chakravarthy: Hemanth represented India at WSDC 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2017, he was ranked the 8th best ESL speaker in the world.
  • Thejashri Madhav Supriya: Thejashri was part of the Indian team that was the 15th best nation overall and the 3rd best English as a Second Language nation at WSDC 2015, Singapore.


Amrithavarshini Venkatesh

Amrithavarshni completed her Integrated Masters in Development at IIT, Madras and has gone to work at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, Mumbai. She was part of Team India in WSDC 2012 in Cape Town, where she finished as the 4th best English as a Second Language Speaker. She also debated as part of Team India in WSDC 2008 at Washington D.C.

Her debating career continued at university. Her record includes a victory at Stella Maris College Parliamentary Debate in 2014 and a finals appearance at the NALSAR Intervarsity Debating Championship, 2013. Moreoever, she served on the Chief Adjudication Panel of The IIT Bombay Debate in 2015, the NALSAR Intervarsity Debating Championship in 2015, the Scholastica International Parliamentary Debate in Bangladesh in 2016, and the Manipal Institute of Technology Debate Tournament in 2016.

Amrithavarshini coached the Indian WSDC team in 2014, 2015 and 2017. In 2015, the team broke 15th and made the octofinal, while the 2017 team made it to the quarterfinals and became the best performing team in Team India’s history. Amrithavarshini also coached the team from India that won the 2016 Asia World Schools Debating Championship.


Art Ward

Art Ward holds a Masters degree in law specializing in Intellectual Property from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He completed his BCL Clinical law degree at University College Cork in 2009. Art convened the World Universities’ Debating Championships, in June of 2008.

Art was a Grand Finalist and 9th Best Speaker at the World Universities’ Debating Championships(WUDC) held by Koc University, Turkey in 2010. He served as a Deputy Chief Adjudicator at the 2012 WUDC in Manila, Philippines, and as Chief Adjudicator of the 2012 European Universities’ Debating Championships(EUDC) held in Belgrade, Serbia.

This team was managed by Mrs. Ganga Arun.

Art Ward, Satchit Sivakumar, Siddarth Shrikanth, Dhruva Bhat, Padmapriya Govindarajan, and Surya Kumaravel also helped train the team.

A pioneer in bringing the ‘World Schools Debating Championship’ format of debating to India, ISDS continually trains young Indians with the assistance of the best debaters from around the world, creating a new pool of ever growing fierce Indian debaters that are eager to give back.