Teacher Workshops

Our Workshops

ISDS has always believed in spreading debate in a sustainable manner. Towards this end, we conduct interactive teacher workshops to bring teacher trainers into the fold of World Schools style debating. Workshop participants learn to adjudicate World Schools style debates, and this goes a long way in creating self-sufficient debate circuits within different regions.


In 2016-17 alone, ISDS has trained more than 350 teacher coordinators spread across 200 schools in Hyderabad, Pune, Dehradun, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Tamil Nadu, Kerala,and West Bengal. ISDS also worked with Teach for India fellows and students in Mumbai in February. English and the Social Sciences teachers that attended these workshops were walked through the format and adjudication, and our trainers and participants brainstormed together to arrive at ways to use World Schools debating to teach lessons in the classroom. We’d like to thank all the enthusiastic teacher participants for making our workshops a huge success, and are excited to meet them soon to assist them with conducting their very first tournaments in the World Schools Format!
We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan regional offices in Chennai, Ernakulam, and Kolkata, as well as Arsha Vidya Mandir (Chennai), The Doon School (Dehradun), Ganges Valley School (Hyderabad), and The Kalyani School (Pune), and Gujarat National Law University with A Responsible Citizen’s (ARC) Foundation (Ahmedabad) for partnering with ISDS and organizing these workshops for their regions!

Looking forward to coming to your city soon!