Indian Debating Squad for 2018 announced

Chennai, India – January 15, 2018 – From 12 regional tournaments and a separate online submission track, 54 of the top debaters from around the country were invited to national trials. The students finished a 6 day selection camp that took place in Chennai filled with workshops, quizzes, and debates from where the incredible ISDS Team India Squad for 2018 was selected.


Indian Debating Squad 2018 – 19 – Congratulations to all the speakers, and we wish the teams the best of luck! Here is a preview of happenings at the National Selection Camp 2018.


Team India Orange 2018

Dhananjay Ashok
Saranya Ravindran
Manya Gupta
Tejas Subramaniam
Hemanth Bharatha Chakravarthy

Team India White 2018

Bhavani Namrata
Aditi Chandra
Karan Sampath
Navin Srivatsan
Elakiya Ananthakrishnan

Team India Green 2018

Akshata Kapoor
Harsith Ravichandran
Prithvi Arun
Taera Singh
Yastika Guru

Congratulations to all the speakers, and we wish the teams the best of luck!

The National Selection Camp took place in Chennai between 7 – 11 Jan, 2018. Following the five-day camp the 15-member Team India squad for 2018 was announced.

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