Applications FAQ

The ISDS has represented India in international debating competitions, including the World Schools Debating Championship (2008-2015), Russell McVeagh Debating Championships, New Zealand (2011), and the Asia World Schools Debating Championship (2014, 2016).

In addition to equipping students, ISDS also frequently hosts teacher training programmes where trainers work with teachers to integrate debating into teaching school curriculum, while also orienting them into the process of being on adjudication panels in debating tournaments, thus bringing them into the fold of this vibrant and inclusive activity.

Please reach us at isds@indianschoolsdebatingsociety.com

Initially, when new schools join the fold, trainers from the Indian Schools Debating Society (ISDS) who have debated in the WSDC format engage them in workshops to teach the format to the students. ISDS specifically focuses on teacher training programmes, in order to equip the school structure with the skill to pass debating on for years to come.

Please reach us at isds@indianschoolsdebatingsociety.com

Every team has been selected through a process that evaluates the students based on criteria that covers more than merely the ability of students to speak well. Our comprehensive process is spread out over a period of a few months, enabling selectors measure not only the potential of a student at a given point in time, but the development of the students over a period, and their ability to add value to the team holistically.

We will get in touch with you as soon as candidates are finalized.