AWSDC 2016

Team ISDS India at Asia World Schools Debating Championships (AWSDC) 2016, Bangkok, Thailand



The ISDS India team won AWSDC 2016, Thailand, beating Debate Development Initiative(DDI), an (until then) undefeated Singapore team. In the initial rounds, they won 5 out of the 6 debates and broke 3rd among the 30 teams at the tournament. Tejaswini was placed in the top twenty speakers in the open category of the tournament. Dhruva Bhat was adjudged the second best adjudicator at the tournament.


  • Aniroodh Ravikumar: Aniroodh is currently studying Physics and Computer Science at Cornell University, and is among the 4 Indian students in the country to receive the prestigious Tata scholarship. He was part of the Indian team at WSDC 2015 that was adjudged the 3rd best ESL team in the world and the team at AWSDC 2016 that won the tournament.
  • Tejaswini Krishnaprasad: Tejaswini is pursuing a degree in law at Durham University in the UK. She was also a part of the Indian team at WSDC 2015 that was adjudged the 3rd best ESL team in the world and the team at AWSDC 2016 that won the tournament
  • Chaitanya Kediyal: Chaitanya Kediyal is pursuing a degree in law at Oxford University. He was among the 40 top speakers in the open category at AWSDC 2016 and the 15th best ESL speaker at WSDC 2017.
  • AmrithaVarshiniRagavan: The youngest member of this team by far, Amritha is currently in the 11th Grade. She has taken up biology and intends to become a doctor.


Amrithavarshini Venkatesh

Amrithavarshni completed her Integrated Masters in Development at IIT, Madras and has gone to work at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, Mumbai. She was part of Team India in WSDC 2012 in Cape Town, where she finished as the 4th best English as a Second Language Speaker. She also debated as part of Team India in WSDC 2008 at Washington D.C.

Her debating career continued at university. Her record includes a victory at Stella Maris College Parliamentary Debate in 2014 and a finals appearance at the NALSAR Intervarsity Debating Championship, 2013. Moreoever, she served on the Chief Adjudication Panel of The IIT Bombay Debate in 2015, the NALSAR Intervarsity Debating Championship in 2015, the Scholastica International Parliamentary Debate in Bangladesh in 2016, and the Manipal Institute of Technology Debate Tournament in 2016.

Amrithavarshini coached the Indian WSDC team in 2014, 2015 and 2017. In 2015, the team broke 15th and made the octofinal, while the 2017 team made it to the quarterfinals and became the best performing team in Team India’s history. Amrithavarshini also coached the team from India that won the 2016 Asia World Schools Debating Championship.

Coach/ Adjudicator

Dhruva Bhat

Dhruva graduated with a degree in Economics from Harvard University, and will now be attending the University of Oxford for a Masters in Development Studies, as one of the few Indians selected for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. He was a part of Team India at WSDC 2011, 2012, and 2013, finishing as 6th best ESL speaker the latter two times, and being named the 38th best speaker in the world at the 2013 WSDC.

Since then, Dhruva has had an illustrious debating career at university. He has broken thrice at the World Universities Debating Championship, and, in 2017, was named the seventh best speaker in the open category. He has also won the Yale Intervarsity Parliamentary Debate Tournament and the HWS Intervarsity debating tournament, and has been in the finals of the Oxford IV and the United States Universities Debating Championship, in addition to being named among the top ten best speakers at multiple debate tournaments throughout his debating career. His other achievements include serving as the President of the Harvard College Debating Union in 2015, breaking as a judge at the European Universities Debating Championship in 2016, being named the second best adjudicator at AWSDC 2016, and serving on the Chief Adjudication Panel of the NALSAR Intervarsity Debating Tournament in 2017. He adjudicated for the Indian team at AWSDC 2016, and coached Team India at WSDC 2017.

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